"I have been using the post puncher we purchased from Warwick Gates now for a while now; itís amazing how the change to the post puncher has saved me time on the job. The post puncher is so much safer to use itís almost laughable why anyone would want to use anything else."
John. Fencing contractor QLD
"After a very sceptical start we are rapped in our post puncher, itís simple and very safe to use. When youíve used this attachment in front of you it scares you to even think of the way we used to do fencing."
Mark. Farmer QLD
"we purchased our Postpuncher from Warwick Gates and are using it very regularly on posts from treated pine through to pipe and steel, we feel it performs best on steel strainer posts on our type of soils, the safety for the operator and bystanders is far better than anything else we seen or tried."
Randal. Fencing contractor NSW
"I have a PP3 Post Puncher from Warwick Gates it will push anything we put underneath it into the ground, we have included the post puncher to our attachments for our New Holland skid steer and are impressed in being able to put it on and off safely while on the job. We once had to take a dedicated 4WD tractor along to do our post driving work, now we just take the one machine along to do all the jobs involved in erecting fences, so weíve sold our tractor and now only need the skid steer. I found it difficult at first to see the plumb but now itís great to use"
Scott, Farmer NSW
"I purchased a small Post Puncher PP1 and have it on a Avant loader, the attachment is added to the long list of attachments for our little machine, we went this way because the style of fencing we are doing is the Quikfence range, the Post puncher coupled with the Quikfence steel strainer post is the ideal for Rural fencing, I'm excited that by purchasing what seems like a ,more expensive product allows us to finish fencing massively faster and therefore being more competitive in the market, we also like the fact that when coupled with Quikfence steel strainers we are as safe as we could be no welders, grinders, drills or even chainsaws"
Phil. farmer NSW
"we've found that our men can now do the same amount of fencing in half the time by simply using a post hole borer(which is designed to dig holes and can be used for all our digging) and using the Post Puncher (which is designed to drive posts) on a skid steer. The skid steer/postpuncherher combo is by far the safest machine to have on fencing sites, we feel much better now with our men using the post puncher as they have no need to be even close to the hammer."
David fencing contractor(employer) VIC
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